Hot Selling Closed Wound Manual Vacuum Aspiration Kit Suction Pump

Hot Selling Closed Wound Manual Vacuum Aspiration Kit Suction Pump

surgical instrument china manufacturing facility guide suction pump suction unit and suction aspiration
Container volume:300ml
exterior diameter of cap:17mm
diameter of catheter connetion:13mm

Vacuum after one minute at 20kPa vacuum:≥ fifteen kPa
Vacuum soon after 6 occasions suction:≥ twenty kPa
Vacuum (max):≥ 39.9 kPa
Disposable container quantity:300 ml
Exterior diameter of cap (suction port):17 mm
External diameter of catheter connection:seventeen mm and nine mm
Stroke Adjustment:Change to fifty% or one hundred%
Working environmental temperature:-20°C to + 50°C
Storage environmental temperature:-40°C to + 60°C
Height of container and exterior diameter

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Hot Selling Closed Wound Manual Vacuum Aspiration Kit Suction Pump


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