Hose Squeeze Peristaltic Industrial Hose Pump

Hose Squeeze Peristaltic Industrial Hose Pump

Hose Squeeze Peristaltic CZPT Hose Pump

Solution Introduction                                                                  


The hose pump series is a new sort of multi-purposeful, multi-goal industrial pump developed by absorbing superior technological innovation. The pump has no sealing, no leakage, robust self-priming ability, straightforward framework, convenient operation and upkeep. Ideal for conveying a range of viscosity, density, corrosive, abrasive fluid supplies. It can be utilised in petroleum, chemical, h2o remedy, mining, gold smelting, medication, papermaking, ceramics and other industries.


Hose Pump
Design YG-32 YG-forty YG-fifty YG-60

Circulation (mthree/h)

≤1 ≤2.5 ≤6 ≤15
Force (Mpa) one one one .eight

Power (kw)

.5 two.two four 4-5.5
Distance (m) thirty 35 forty 45
Reducer 2# 2# three# four#
Fat (kg) a hundred and twenty 190 290 510
Hose Dimensions (mm) ∅66*∅32*1030 ∅66*∅38*1150 ∅84*∅51*1400 ∅100*∅64*1750
Dimensions (mm) 750*seven-hundred*550 900*seven hundred*650 1000*900*800 1400*1100*1100

Working Theory                                                                       


A particular rubber hose with a sleek interior wall and reputable energy is put in within the pump entire body and is pressed along the hose by a pair of strain rollers. These kinds of rotation enables the medium to be conveyed in one particular direction with out backflow. The hose is in the transmission medium. Soon after that, the hose is restored to its CZPT form by the elasticity of the flattened hose and pressured by the facet manual roller. At this time, a high vacuum is generated in the hose and the medium is sucked into the cavity once more, and the medium is then squeezed by the adhering to rollers. Press out from the hose. Consequently, the medium is continually sucked in and discharged.

Solution Exhibit                                                                                                                              

one. Distinctive sealless composition without having any leakage and air pollution
two, Utilizing advanced engineering, force roller does not demand any lubrication

three, The fluid absorbed by the pump is only in contact with the hose, so it can transport a variety of viscosity, density, corrosion, corrosive fluid materials
four. To transportation liquid supplies containing sound particles, crystals, fiber resources and other impurities
five, Will not produce any clogging and failure self-priming potential and self-cleansing ability, can be good and adverse suction
6, Pump does not demand irrigation pump, higher elevate and pump force

7, Straightforward installation and upkeep, low maintenance costs, straightforward operation
8, Less power consumption, substantial volumetric performance, and has a excellent measurement capability.



Phosphate Fertilizer and Compound Fertilizer: Spray Granulation, Concentrated Slurry, and Precipitated Sludge Transportation ‘Quantitative Transport of CZPT Fluids
CZPT, beneficiation: Filling supplies in gold mining, ore slurry in gold smelting approach Concentrated pulp, underground channel drainage, adsorbent, mortar and mortar
Gold smelting sector: gold slurry, tailings
CZPT business: Acid, alkali, phosphate slurry, titanium dioxide and other inorganic salt resources crystallization liquid, suspension, latex, resin, soft mud and a variety of acid-foundation slurry
Sewage treatment: Slurry slurry, lime slurry, and so on.

Oil Sector: Drilling mud and uncooked petroleum transportation:
Ceramic business: ceramic slurry, glaze, glaze shipping
Paper business: Pulp, sulfur slurry shipping and delivery
CZPTs: toothpaste, cream, conditioner, cotton product, face oil, and many others.
CZPT sector: Sewage and pit drainage, cement slurry, clay slurry, ceiling coating, and so on.:
Plating electrolysis business: electroplating resolution, electrolyte, anode slime, sediment, etc.

Meals market: Oil supplies and beverage shipping
CZPT market: Supply of various pharmaceutical liquids

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Hose Squeeze Peristaltic Industrial Hose Pump


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