High Vacuum Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pump

Turbo Molecular Vacuum pump

CY-GZK110 series molecular pump device is composed of turbo molecular pump, former mechanical pump partition bleed valve, former pipeline, molecular pump energy, and handle technique. It is a extremely high vacuum get device.
Easy installation and operation, reputable overall performance and can be widely utilised for area analysis, accelerator technological innovation, semiconductor gear, plasma technological innovation, electrical vacuum system production and vacuum technologies in different fields.

Model no. CYY-GZK110
Inlet flange DN100LF DN100CF
Pump pace L/S( in air) >110
Compression ratio    N2
Restricted vacuum(Pa) 6×10-6 6×10-7
Outlet flange KF25
Input voltage frequency(V/Hz) 220±20/50
Setting temperature(ºC) ~40
Previous pump product RVP-four
Start time(min) <3
Rotating speed(rpm) forty two,three hundred
Cooling sort H2o cooling or compelled air cooling
Gross bodyweight 65kg
Dimension five hundred(L)×510(W)×685(H) mm




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