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High Vacuum Diffusion Pump

High Vacuum Diffusion Pump

Product Description
 DankoVAC oil diffusion pump is the principal pump used to acquire substantial vacuum (two ~ 10-10-five pa). It can be merged with drinking water-cooled plate, pipe, valves and mechanical vacuum pump together and turning out to be substantial vacuum program, the ultimate stress can be up to (2 ~ 10-ten-four pa). If it normally takes liquid nitrogen cooling gadget with baking, the vacuum can be up to the extremely large vacuum10-6 (pa).
The diffusion pump principal part including pump shell, pump core, evaporation boiler, heater, cooling h2o pipe and so on.

Characteristics of the pump
a. Robust pumping potential, Large pumping ability from 480 to 130000 l/s are appropriate. It has Observation window, oil filling port and discharge port, pump oil measurement device.
b.  Take stretching technology on manufacturing, lowering weld, increasing toughness, reducing the discharge volume.
c. Heater is outfitted possibly with heating wire or electrical heating plate, you can choose when you get it.

It is widely utilised in vacuum coating, vacuum furnace, electronics, chemical sector, aviation, aerospace, metallurgy, substance, organic medicine, atomic strength, room exploration and other high-tech fields, and it has also been extensively utilized in titanium sponge area with large praise.


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