High Pressure Fire Fighting Water Electric Pump

High Pressure Fire Fighting Water Electric Pump

Substantial Stress Fire Combating Drinking water CZPTtric Pump

XBDL vertical 1stage & 1priming pumps system, used to transfer clear water and similar liquids with similar physical & chemical properties, without solid particles, applied and suitable in pressure boosted water supply in fire fight systems, industrial and municipal water supply and drain, high-building architecture pressure boosted water supply, remote water supply, heating, bathrooms, boiler cold & hot water circulation, pressure boosted air-conditioning system water supply and peripheral facilities.
   XBD-L fire fight pumps system’s performance and technical parameters comply with GB6245-1998 “Performance requirements and test methods for fire pumps”, and obtains certificates from “China National Fire Fight CZPT CZPT Supervision & Testing Center”.
   Computer design and optimized processing, strong technical power, rich manufacture experiences and perfect test methods ensure stable and reliable quality.

one. Compact structure, small, nice, vertical installation, less area for installation needed, gravity on feet, stable running and long life.
2. Stable running, little noise, highly concentric components.
3. CZPT hydraulic model, high efficiency and performance.
4. The superior mechanical shaft seal, highly endurable against friction, no leak, long life.
five. The pump inlet and outlet are on a same horizontal line, same sizes, easy to install and uninstall.
six. Easy to maintain, pipes uninstall is not needed, you only need take off pump cap nuts, then take out motor and transmission elements, before maintaining.

CZPT parameters:
stream: 5-100L/S
pressure: 0.ten-one.25Mpa
electricity: 1.one-250KW
rotation speed: 980-2900r/min
diameter: φ50-φ300
temperature range:≤80ºC.

Model number Flow Q
Outlet pressure
Rotation speed n
Power P
Efficiency η
XBD3./5-fifty(65) 5 .30 2900 4 63
XBD3.2/five-50(sixty five) .32
XBD3.four/5-50(65) .34
XBD4.6/5-50(65) 5 .46 2900 7.5 fifty eight
XBD4.8/5-50(sixty five) .48
XBD5./five-50(sixty five) .50
XBD7.6/5-50(65) five .seventy six 2900 15 50
XBD7.eight/five-50(sixty five) .78
XBD8./five-fifty(sixty five) .80
XBD11/five-fifty(sixty five) 5 one.ten 2900 thirty 40
XBD12/five-50(sixty five) one.twenty
XBD12.five/5-fifty(65) one.twenty five
XBD3./ten-65(eighty) ten .30 2900 7.5 71
XBD3.two/ten-sixty five(80) .32
XBD3.four/10-65(80) .34
XBD4.6/ten-65(80) ten .forty six 2900 15 67
XBD4.eight/10-sixty five(eighty) .forty eight
XBD5./ten-65(80) .50
XBD7.6/ten-sixty five(eighty) 10 .76 2900 22 59
XBD7.8/10-sixty five(80) .seventy eight
XBD8./10-65(80) .eighty
XBD11/ten-65(80) 10 one.ten 2900 37 54
XBD12/ten-65(eighty) one.twenty
XBD12.five/ten-sixty five(eighty) 1.twenty five
XBD3./25-80(one hundred) 25 .30 2900 15 76
XBD3.2/twenty five-80(one hundred) .32
XBD3.4/twenty five-eighty(a hundred) .34
XBD4.6/twenty five-eighty(one hundred) 25 .46 2900 22 74
XBD4.eight/twenty five-eighty(a hundred) .forty eight
XBD5./25-80(100) .fifty
XBD7.six/25-80(100) 25 .76 2900 37 sixty nine
XBD7.8/25-80(100) .78
XBD8./25-eighty(100) .80
XBD11/twenty five-eighty(100) twenty five 1.ten 2900 75 69
XBD12/25-eighty(one hundred) 1.twenty
XBD12.five/twenty five-80(a hundred) one.twenty five
XBD13/twenty five-eighty(one hundred) 25 1.30 2900 90 57
XBD14/25-80(100) 1.40
XBD15/twenty five-eighty(one hundred) 1.fifty
XBD3./45-one hundred(a hundred twenty five) 45 .thirty 2900 22 73
XBD3.two/45-one hundred(one hundred twenty five) .32
XBD3.4/45-one hundred(125) .34
XBD4.6/forty five-100(a hundred twenty five) forty five .46 2900 37 77
XBD4.eight/45-100(a hundred twenty five) .48
XBD5./45-one hundred(125) .50
XBD7.6/forty five-100(one hundred twenty five) 45 .seventy six 2900 55 eighty
XBD7.8/forty five-a hundred(one hundred twenty five) .78
XBD8./forty five-one hundred(one hundred twenty five) .80
XBD11/forty five-a hundred(125) 45 one.ten 2900 ninety 70
XBD12/forty five-one hundred(a hundred twenty five) one.twenty
XBD12.5/forty five-one hundred(125) 1.twenty five
XBD2.8/fifty five-a hundred and fifty(200) fifty five .28 1450 30 78
XBD3./fifty five-a hundred and fifty(two hundred) .30
XBD3.two/55-one hundred fifty(two hundred) .32
XBD4.6/fifty five-a hundred and fifty(two hundred) fifty five .46 1450 forty five seventy five
XBD4.8/fifty five-one hundred fifty(200) .forty eight
XBD5./fifty five-150(200) .fifty
XBD7.six/fifty five-one hundred fifty fifty five .76 2900 seventy five seventy six
XBD7.8/fifty five-150 .78
XBD8./55-a hundred and fifty .eighty
XBD11/55-a hundred and fifty 55 one.ten 2900 110 73
XBD12/fifty five-one hundred fifty 1.twenty
XBD12.5/55-one hundred fifty one.25
XBD13/fifty five-150 forty five one.thirty 2900 a hundred and ten eighty
XBD14/fifty five-one hundred fifty one.40
XBD15/55-a hundred and fifty 1.fifty
XBD4.6/100-two hundred one hundred .forty six 1450 seventy five 81
XBD4.eight/a hundred-two hundred .forty eight
XBD5./one hundred-200 .fifty
XBD3./a hundred and fifty-250 a hundred and fifty .30 1450 75 eighty
XBD3.two/a hundred and fifty-250 .32
XBD3.4/a hundred and fifty-250 .34
XBD4.6/a hundred and forty-250 140 .46 1450 ninety 72
XBD4.8/140-250 .forty eight
XBD5./a hundred and forty-250 .fifty
XBD2.4/two hundred-300 two hundred .24 970 seventy five eighty one
XBD2.six/two hundred-three hundred .26
XBD2.eight/200-300 .28
XBD2.eight/two hundred-300(350) 200 .28 1450 90 eighty four
XBD3./two hundred-three hundred(350) .30
XBD3.two/200-three hundred(350) .32
XBD4./two hundred-three hundred two hundred .forty 970 132 84
XBD4.two/200-three hundred .forty two
XBD4.4/200-300 .forty four
XBD4.6/a hundred and sixty-300 160 .46 1450 110 78
XBD4.8/a hundred and sixty-300 .forty eight
XBD5./160-300 .fifty
XBD4.6/two hundred-350 200 .forty six 1450 a hundred and sixty 83
XBD4.eight/two hundred-350 .48
XBD5./200-350 .50
XBD2.8/300-400 300 .28 1450 132 seventy six
XBD3./three hundred-400 .30
XBD3.two/300-four hundred .32
XBD2.eight/330-500 330 .28 1450 a hundred and sixty seventy eight
XBD3./330-500 .30
XBD3.2/330-500 .32

Begin, running and stop 
Start off
one. First of all, pour water into pipes, to make the pump and inlet pipe filled by water. The pipes shall be sealed, no air leaked. (no-water inside start is forbidden) 
2. Close globe valve and cock on outlet pipe, to reduce start currency.
three. Rotate the rotor by hand, lubricate the bearing and check pump impeller, seal ring, if it cannot rotate, you shall not start.
four. Try to start, motor rotation direction shall be as same as the arrow direction on the pump. 
5. When rotor works normally, open gradually the outlet globe valve, adjust for the work conditions required.
1. Observe the reading in meters, keep it running around the flow and head shown on the nameplate.
2. Regularly check, motor currency value shall not exceed rated currency value.
three. Pump bearing temperature shall not exceed 75ºC, and shall not be 35ºC higher than ambient environment.
4. To start, loosen stuff cap. Adjust later when started.
5. In case fragile component abrasion, replace in time.
6. When any abnormal happens, immediately stop and check.
one. Close the globe valve on outlet pipe, close vacuum gauge cock.
2. Stop motor, and close pressure cock.
3. In Winter, drain liquid in the pump completely to avoid frozen cracks.
four. When you will not use it for a long time, uninstall the pump, clean and lubricate.


Fault Result in Solution
Pump cannot suck water, pressure gauge & vacuum gauge vibrating  one. Insufficient water pouring 
two. Leak between pipe and meter 
3. Suction is too high 
one, check leak in bottom valve. 
2, Tighten the leaked part 
3, reduce suction 
Pump cannot suck, high vacuum shown in vacuum gauge 1, bottom valve closed or jammed 
2, Too great water suction resistance 
three, filter jammed 
one, check bottom valve
two, replace water suction pipe
three, clear off filter
Pressure gauge works, no water outcome 1. Great outlet water pipe resistance
2. Wrong rotation direction 
three. Outlet pipe valve closed
four. impeller jammed 
one. check or shorten water pipe 
two, check motor, adjust 
three, open valve and clear off impeller
Cannot reach designed flow 1. air sucked 
2. Water level drops, submerged depth is not enough 
three. impeller jammed 
four. rotor torn and worn 
one, check leak part and clear off 
2, prolong water inlet pipe, increase submerged depth
3, uninstall and clear off 
four, replace seal ring 
Great pump power consumption one. Stuff tightened, overheated 
2. Great flow 
three. Collision between rotor and case 
four. Pump shaft bearing abrasion 
5. Pump shaft misplaced
one. loosen slightly
2. reduce globe valve opening
three. adjust 
4. replace bearing 
five. replace or adjust 
Great pump vibration  1. impeller partially jammed 
two. impeller damaged 
3. little flow 
4. non-concentric between pump shaft and motor.
5,bearing damaged 
six, gas etching
1. Uninstall and clear off 
two, replace 
3, increase opening 
four, adjust
5, replace  
6, change suction inlet position 

Application range
Mainly applied in fire fight system pipes pressure boosted water supply, industrial and municipal water supply and drain, high-building architecture pressure boosted water supply, remote water supply, heating, bathrooms, boiler cold & hot water circulation, pressure boosted air-conditioning system water supply and peripheral facilities.

High Pressure Fire Fighting Water Electric Pump


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