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H-600 Electric Single Stage Rotary Vane Piston Water Vacuum Pump

Introduction of H-600 Electric One Phase Rotary Vane Piston Drinking water Vacuum Pump

Rotary piston vacuum pump is suited for air and other regular gases, with a gas ballast valve, witch could be applied to pump condensable gases (this sort of as vapor). The pump should be equipped with suitable add-ons if the fuel pumped has the pursuing characteristics, this kind of as prosperous in oxgen, explosive, corrosive to ferrous steel and chemical reactive with the vacuum pump oil.
This collection of pumps could be operated in one device or act as the pre-procedure pumping unit for the next substantial vacuum pumps, this sort of as diffusion or roots pumps. It is broadly utilised in the industries of vacuum coating, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum impregnation, vacuum smelting, vacuum metallurgy, vacuum drying, molecular distillation and altitude simulation testing.  

Parameter of H-600 Electrical Solitary Stage Rotary Vane Piston Drinking water Vacuum Pump

Model  Ultimate pressure
Pumping speed
Inlet diameter
Outlet diameter
2H-70 six*10-two 70 7.five eighty seventy six 680
2H-120 6*ten-two a hundred and twenty eleven one hundred eighty 980
2H-a hundred and fifty 6*ten-two a hundred and fifty fifteen a hundred and fifty 80 1100
H-30 one thirty three eighty G2 180
H-150 1 150 15 a hundred and fifty eighty 850
H-600 one 600 55 250 one hundred fifty 3200

Images Of H-600 Electrical One Phase Rotary Vane Piston Drinking water Vacuum Pump


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