Fuel Dispenser Under Ground Submersible Pump

Fuel Dispenser Under Ground Submersible Pump



Compact composition,effortless installation and routine maintenance,reduced noise,clean operation,lengthy services life.
Built-in check valve,switching valve,security valve(relief valve) and vacuum valve.The submersible pump can just take several
nozzles to operate at the identical time.It is relevant to gasoline,kerosene,diesel,etc.
The submersible pump can stay away from oil pumping dilemma caused by oil gasifification.The distance of oil supply is farther than self sucking pumps.

CZPTal temperature:-25°C–+55°C

Nominal flow:250L/min

Rated voltage:AC220V or AC380V

Motor rated speed:2820r/min


Thermal defense temperature:95°C

Ideal oil: Gasoline, diesel oil and kerosene.

Fuel Dispenser Under Ground Submersible Pump


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