Double Pitch Chain Sprockets

Available for Dual Pitch Chain with S or R rollers.
We offer a line-up for RS2040 – RF2160 with S rollers, and RF2040 – RF2100 with R rollers.
Chains that use S rollers engage with every other tooth. Sprockets could have a longer lifestyle as chains build relationships different teeth every time the rollers rotate (when actual amount of tooth is odd).
Product Lineup
Product Types / Features

Pilot Bore Series Dual Pitch Chain Sprockets 
Three types are available: Steel type using carbon metal for machine structural use, stainless steel type with excellent corrosion level of resistance, and plastic-type type that can be used without additional lubrication.

Suit Bore Easy Finished Bore Type Double Pitch Chain Sprockets
Could be selected from established finishes of shaft bores/keyways/set screws. Customers can use this sprocket without troublesome additional finishing required.

Lock Series Dual Pitch Chain Sprockets
Could be mounted to shafts without using a important. Frictional push on the tapered sleeve locks sprockets to the shaft with no keys.



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