DK Detachable Teeth Sprockets

Any injury to the teeth surfaces of the sprocket diminishes the daily life with the conveyor chain.
With traditional sprockets, substantially worn sprocket teeth were repaired by teeth padding or even the complete sprocket was replaced. In either case, fix was costly and with teeth padding, accuracy was impaired. We created new sprockets with detachable teeth for independent substitute. This sprocket is highly rated by our buyers for your dramatic financial savings in value and time.
The teeth might be replaced by two approaches: personal tooth substitute or sectional teeth replacement.
The bolts and nuts applied for mounting the teeth on to the sprocket are spot-welded to prevent loosening.
The respective structures are illustrated around the proper.
The above photograph and also the leading proper illustration present a sprocket for person tooth replacement. Since the joint encounter between the replaced teeth as well as the sprocket is formed inside a unique arc, the bonding accuracy is substantial as well as sprocket power is enhanced. On top of that, since the load acting to the mounting bolts is decreased, there is certainly significantly less chance of loosening. This sprocket building is patented.
You can find two styles of hubs: cast steel and welded sheet steel hubs. Cast steel hubs are made use of for significant sprockets acquiring heavy loads and welded sheet steel hubs for other applications.