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Diaphragm Vacuum Pump – Teflon Anticorrosive

New anticorrosive pumps via Teflon therapy have been introduced in market . Teflon treatment method is available to all kinds of our pumps .
Anticorrosive pump is by means of Teflon therapy , the elements which make contact with with the fuel are PTFE materials , it is ideal for the corrosive chemical , pharmaceutical , petrochemical gases and many others . It’s employed for vacuum filtration , diminished stress distillation , rotary evaporation , vacuum concentration , centrifugal concentration , solid section extraction etc . It’s a very high expense efficiency item with good quality trustworthiness , exclusive structural design to meet up with the a variety of needs of the laboratory . The requirements are same as the standard pump .

Attributes :
one.Corrosion resistance , in a position to tolerance almost all robust acid (including aqua regia) , robust alkali , strong oxidizer , reductant , and range of natural and organic solvents .
two.Stand up to higher and lower temperatures , can be utilized in temperature of -190°C to 260°C .
3.Non-stick area , most reliable substance and impurity particles can not conglutinate on the surface area .

Vacuum adsorption
Solvent filtration
Vacuum distillation
Vacuum drying
Compressing and converting gasoline
SPE ( strong section extraction)

Technological competitiveness
The interior elements of our diaphragm vacuum pump collection are created by numerical manage equipments which imported from Germany DMG and Korea kia . This is our unique technologies competitiveness that all the identical sort of items made by other businesses could not match . With the excellent physical appearance , secure high quality , exceptional performance of our goods , and higher good quality provider of our firm , we imagine that our diaphragm vacuum pump is the very best selection for your laboratory .


Model DP-.33II DP-.33III DP-.five DP-.5II DP-1.00
Speed of evacuation ( L/Min )  20 20 30 30 sixty
Final strain vacuum ≥0.08 Mpa
200 mbar
≥0.095 Mpa
≥0.08 Mpa
two hundred mbar
≥0.095 Mpa
≥0.08 Mpa
two hundred mbar
Optimistic Stress / / ≥30Psi / ≥30Psi
Voltage score 220Vac, 50Hz 220Vac, 50Hz 220Vac, 50Hz 220Vac, 50Hz 220Vac, 50Hz
Motor energy (w)  160W  160W 160W  160W  160W
Inlet (mm)  Ø 6  Ø six  Ø six  Ø six  Ø six
Outlet (mm) Internal Silencer  Silencer  Ø six  Silencer  Ø six
Temperature of working atmosphere ( °C )  7-40  7-forty  7-forty  7-40  7-forty
Operate  Vacuum Vacuum  Vacuum & Force  Vacuum  Vacuum & Pressure
Pump head  1  2  1  2  2
Temp of the physique (°C )  <55  <55  <55  <55  <55
Dimensions ( LXBXH ) (mm)  215 x 120 x 235  300 x a hundred and twenty x 235  210 x a hundred and sixty x 235  300 x 120 x 235  300 x one hundred sixty x 235
Sounds stage ( DB )  <60  <60  <60  <60  <60
Excess weight ( kg )  7.five  10  8  10  10
Diaphragm  NBR  NBR  NBR  NBR  NBR