Corn Process Equipment Vacuum Pump

Corn Process Equipment Vacuum Pump

The liquid ring pump by rotating a vaned impeller inside an eccentric cylindrical casing, liquid (usually water) is fed into the pump and, by centrifugal acceleration, forms a relocating cylindrical ring against the inside of the casing. This liquid ring generates a sequence of seals in the area among the impeller vanes, which kind compression chambers. The eccentricity amongst the impeller’s axis of rotation and the casing geometric axis results in a cyclic variation of the quantity enclosed by the vanes and the ring.
Gasoline, frequently air, is drawn into the pump by means of an inlet port in the finish of the casing. The gasoline is trapped in the compression chambers fashioned by the impeller vanes and the liquid ring. The reduction in volume triggered by the impeller rotation compresses the fuel, which exhausts to the discharge port in the stop of the casing.

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Attributes of the gear

  1. Compact construction, convenient to installation and operation
  2. Steady working, trustworthy functionality
  3. Substantial efficiency, strength preserving
  4. Low noise and vibration.

CZPT Specifications

Variety Rotate speed
CZPT mode Motor power
Max vacuum
Max air quantity Bodyweight
m3/h mthree/min
2BE1-151 1100~1750 Direct / Belt 11~18.5 33 mbar
(-.098 MPa)
300~470 5.~seven.8 430~500
2BE1-152 1100~1750 11~22 340~535 5.7~8.9 440~530
2BE1-153 1100~1750 15~thirty 445~seven hundred 480~600
2BE1-202 790~1300 eighteen.5~37 590~950 9.eight~fifteen.8 850~995
2BE1-203 790~1300 30~fifty five 880~1400 fourteen.7~23.3 995~1170
2BE1-252 560~940 30~75 1200~2100 twenty.~35. 1460~1800
2BE1-253 560~940 45~one hundred ten 1750~3571 29.2~50.3 1700~2300
2BE1-303 466~743 fifty five~132 2500~4000 forty six.7 2645~3290
2BE1 305 490~743 one hundred seventy five~132 3150~4650 55.three~77.5 2950~3450
2BE1 353 390~660 seventy five~185 3580~5850 fifty seven.five 3560~4240
2BE1 355 390~620 90~185 4180~6350 sixty nine.7~one zero five.eight 3920~4450
2BE1 403 330~565 132~280 5160~8600 86.~143.three 5860~6800

Corn Process Equipment Vacuum Pump


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