Competitive Vacuum Pump for Best Price with High Quality

Vacuum Pump 

1. RESOUR manufacturer vacuum pump is compact, light and eye-catching in design and style.
2. It utilizes the big starting up torque and is specifically made for minimal temperature surroundings.
3. It is certain start normally in winter’s lower temperature.
4. It is relevant to vacuum packaging, vacuum freeze
5. It commonly employed in meals packaging, scientific analysis, health care therapy, electronics, chemical compounds, drugs and laboratory of universities and colleges, car reparation, gasoline investigation, medication system, printing system and other vacuum evacuations.

Solitary Stage:

Merchandise NO. VP115(VP-one) VP125(VP-1.five) VP135(VP-two) VP145(VP-two.5) VP160(VP-3) VP180(VP-4) VP1100(VP-five)
Stream Price 50Hz one.5CFM 2.5CFM 3.5CFM 4.5CFM 6CFM 8CFM 10CFM
42L/min 70L/min 100L/min 128L/min 170L/min 226L/min 283L/min
50L/min 84L/min 114L/min 142L/min 198L/min 254L/min 340L/min
Ultimate vacuum 5Pa 5Pa 5Pa 5Pa 5Pa 5Pa 5Pa
375microns 375microns 375microns 375microns 375microns 375microns 375microns
Electricity one/4HP one/4HP one/3HP 1/3HP 1/2HP 3/4HP 1HP
Inlet Port one/four”Flare 1/four”Flare 1/4″Flare 1/four”Flare 1/4″&three/8″Flare 1/four”&three/eight”Flare 1/4″&three/8″Flare
Oil Ability 320ml 300ml 350ml 350ml 450ml 700ml 800ml
Proportions(mm) 270x119x216 270x119x216 278x119x216 278x119x216 320x134x232 370x140x250 390x140x250
Fat five.3kg five.5kg 6.5kg six.8kg 10kg 14kg 14.5kg




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