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Clinic Vacuum Suction Pump Amalgam Separator Hvs-7

Clinic Suction Systems

The necessity of adopting vacuum suction program&colon

When the dentist make tooth preparations&comma there will be air flows of the patient’s swallowing reflexes containing virus spraying right into the encounter of the dentist and then spreading the whole remedy area&period of time According to statistics&comma the dentist is the most contaminated group amid the accredited medical doctors&period
During the remedy&comma inevitably there will be good deal of h2o into the mouth of the mouth &lparlike cooling drinking water of turbine handpiece&comma thoroughly clean drinking water of cleansing wound surface area&rpar and alone secretion&comma which will encourage the nerve so that cause swallowing motion&comma if never discharge persistently and successfully&comma the remedy will be interrupted and influenced&period
Conventional adverse pressure of dental device adopt the spray mist concept which use the compressed air or h2o to discharge violently in principal pipe then use the damaging force which is generated by affiliated pipe to suck the liquid of patient’s mouth&period of time If undertake compressed air as the enthusiasm&comma it will cause the compressor function continually shortening the existence of compressor&comma nonetheless&comma if adopt city faucet water as motivation&comma it will trigger large squander and boost handling value&interval

Model Power  supply  &lparV&solHz&rpar Power  &lparKw&rpar
Max&period of time   suction  volume  &lparL&solmin&rpar Vacuum  &lparKPa&rpar Noise  &lpardB&rpar Weight  &lparKg&rpar axbxc  &lparmm&rpar
HVS-1 220&sol50&sol1&lparhome-produced&rpar
&period85 three hundred ≤ -12 < 68 32 450x600x720
HVS-two 220&sol50&sol1&lparhome-manufactured&rpar
one&period3 600 ≤ -13 < 69 36 450x600x720
HVS-3 220&sol50&sol1&lparhome-made&rpar
1&period3 900 ≤ -fourteen < 69 40 450x600x720
HVS-5 380&sol50&sol3 one&period9 1500 ≤ -fifteen < 76 159 1050x790x1560
HVS-7 380&sol50&sol3 2&period5 2100 ≤ -15 < 76 167 1050x790x1560
HVS-10 380&sol50&sol3 3&period3 3000 ≤ -16 < 76 172 1050x790x1560
HVS-fifteen 380&sol50&sol3 five&period7 4500 ≤ -sixteen < 78 245 3200x1800x2150
HVS-twenty 380&sol50&sol3 six&period5 6000 ≤ -18 < 78 248 3200x1800x2150
HVS-twenty five 380&sol50&sol3 eight&period7 7500 ≤ -eighteen < 79 280 3800x2100x2150
HVS-30 380&sol50&sol3 9&period5 9000 ≤ -19 < 79 three hundred 3800x2100x2150
HVS-35 380&sol50&sol3 12&period5 10500 ≤ -19 < 80 330 4500x2500x2150
HVS-forty 380&sol50&sol3 15 12000 ≤ -20 < 80 350 4500x2500x2150
HVS-50 380&sol50&sol3 17&period5 15000 ≤ -twenty < 80 380 4500x2500x2150