Cjt70 Chinese Wholesaler & Exporter Series Standard Type Hydraulic Cylinder

Cjt70  Chinese Wholesaler & Exporter Series Standard Type Hydraulic Cylinder

CJT70 Series Standard Variety Hydraulic Cylinders

EPG’s “CJT” Series Hydraulic Cylinders primarily based on JIS B 8354 are supplied with numerous mounting kinds so that they can be utilised for vast use of general goal industrial machines these kinds of as equipment instruments. Additionally, Swap-Established “CJT” Collection Hydraulic Cylinders with a proximity switch which facilitates detecting a placement with aour items are selling effectively in the American, European, South American and Asian marketplaces. slide proximity switch on the cylinder physique is also obtainable.
Technical specs

Description CJT70
Cylinder Bore  mm 32,forty,50,63,eighty,a hundred,125,140,one hundred fifty,a hundred and sixty,a hundred and eighty,200,220,250
Running Pressure  Mpa 7Mpa
Max. Functioning Strain Mpa 15MPa
Min. Running Pressure Mpa .3Mpa
Max. Running Velocity 400mm/s
Min. Running Velocity 8mm/s
Max. Stroke Cylinder Bore 32 a thousand
forty,50 1200
63,eighty 1600
one hundred,one hundred twenty five,a hundred and forty 2000
one hundred fifty,a hundred and sixty,180 2000
two hundred,220,250 2000

Cjt70 Chinese Wholesaler & Exporter Collection Normal Sort Hydraulic Cylinder


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