China Shanghai Sunny Brand Zjy-1200A Roots Vacuum Pump for Sale Vacuum Coating Machine Roots Vacuum Pump Roots Pump for Vacuum Metallizing Machine

China Shanghai Sunny model ZJY-1200A Roots Vacuum Pump for sale&solvacuum coating machine roots vacuum pump&solRoots Pump for Vacuum metallizing machine

Model Pumping Speed&lparL&solS&rpar Final Partial Strain&lparPa&rpar Diff&periodPressure at Overflow Valve &lparPa&rpar Mote Electricity
Inlet Diam&period
Outlet Diam&period of time
Suggested Backing Pump
ZJY-30A 30 &period05 5300 1&period1 1450 eighty fifty 2X-8A
ZJY-70A 70 &period05 5300 1&period1 2900 80 50 2X-15A
ZJY-150A a hundred and fifty &period05 5300 two&period2 2900 one hundred eighty 2X-30A
ZJY-300A three hundred &period05 4300 3 2900 160 a hundred 2X-70A
ZJY-600A 600 &period05 4300 5&period5 2900 200 a hundred and sixty 2X-70A&commaH-150A
ZJY-900A 900 &period05 2700 seven&period5 2900 250 two hundred H-150A&commaZJY-300A&sol2X-70A
ZJY-1200A 1200 &period05 2700 seven&period5 2900 250 200 H-150A&commaZJY-300A&sol2X-70A
ZJY-2500A 2500 &period05 2700 eighteen&period5 2900 250 200 H-150A&ast2&commaZJY-600A&sol2X-70A
ZJY-3300A 3300 &period05 2700 22 2900 320 250 H-150A&ast3&commaZJY-1200A&solH-150A

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