Brushless DC 12V Oxygen Generator Pressure Vacuum Pump

Some detialed technological technical specs:
Final vacuum:90kpa
Max movement:16L/min
Max pressure:two.5bar
Voltage:6v 9v 12v 24v
Excess weight:298g
Application description:
Medical electronics: blood strain monitorThe wound therapy apparatusOxygen generator.Breast pump.Suction fluid machineICU monitoring
Little home equipment: straight ironExpansion of incense machineAromatherapy machine, vacuum blenderThe coffee machineAutomatic teaVacuum machineBreeze machineHand dryer
Massage wellness care: clever inflatable pillowsMassage chairThe neck massagerAquarium and so on.

MPA-4002Z Software:
Health care Electronics:SphygmomanometerOxygengeneratorsbreast pumpICU displays
Family appliance:Suction machineDryers.
Overall health Massage:Massage chair Neck Massager Aquarium etc.merchandise.

Our Products:

  • Piezo membrane pump
  • Micro Air Pump, Micro Vacuum Pump,
  • Micro Watre PumpLinear Pump,
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Application scope:

  • Medical Electronics: Blood pressure negative pressure wound therapy device oxygen machine breast pump the suction machine ICU monitor ozone disinfection etc.
  • Household appliance: Vacuum fresh juice machine coffee machine automatic tea fragrance machines dryers fragrant Irons etc.
  • Health Massage: Massage chair neck massage aquarium beauty device etc.



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