Belt Drive 2X rotary vane Vacuum pumps

A.The structure sketch

B.The structure is explained
2 X type of series of vortex sheets vacuum pumps, Its structure to utilize and lean towards heart install, Separating the stator into two jobs, volume of one side of vortex sheet expands and sucks the gas constantly, Side volumes dwindle constantly, gas compress reach atmospheric pressure discharge through the air bleeding valve, Operate it and turn and repeat 2 times each time while being above-mentioned. Pump pairs of grades of structure Model X vortex sheet type vacuums, when suck pressure relatively high, height exhaust at the same time by each, It suck by pressure it is relatively it is when being low,breathe in enter advanced is after compressing at mouth at gases through in enter by rudimentary at angry dishes wallses, After compressing again, discharge from the rudimentary air bleeding valve . When the pump has angry town valves, allow and release, contain a small amount of vapor,etc. can gas of the vapour of congealing nature. X-2As,,,, pumps partial structures from head to foot 8 As As, height adopt protruding form of rotating who groove bind s by grades of rotor. X-30As, for inclining partial structures, rudimentary rotor a form of rotating at senior rotor s A pumps, And adopt the pump and cool the heart openly in the shell, it is warm and low to have the pump to cool, the characteristic of limit with low total pressure.
C.The use and scope of application
1 Pump use and release Model Xs to airtight containers except that gas obtain the basic equipments of vacuum one of. But use alone, can be as a grade of pumps ago that pressed the pump, spread the pump, molecule pump etc. again. Use in vacuum smelt, vacuum weld , vacuum flood, plate membrane, vacuum casting, vacuum dry and chemical industry pharmacy, The electric vacuum device waits for the vacuum homework of industry.
2 Pump can have been within the range of 5~40 of environmental temperature with importing pressure smaller than the termses of pas, Allow to work in succession for a long time.
3 Pump suitable for and release except that suck oxygen too high, a poisonous one, have explosibility, have and corrode function, get up chemical reaction to pump oil to metal, And the gas with small and roundish thing and dust, is not suitable for sending the gas from a container to another container either, Make and send the pump to use.
4 The continuous working time under the import pressure of the atmosphere of 6000 Pas of pump can’t exceed 3 minutes , Cause the pump to be damaged so as not to gush out the oil or lubricate badly .
D. The type and main technical indicator

Index type 2X-2A 2X-4A 2X-8 2X-15 2X-30A 2X-70A Remarks
Release angry speed L/S 2 4 8 15 30 70 1 Count in a measurement of pump with the mercury vacuum of compressing type of sitting type
Limiting pressure Close and press down angrily?/td> Pa 6 10-2
Open the angry town ?/td> 6 10-1 1.33 2 With hot to count occasionally, resistance count wait for measurement only for reference the whole pressure gages
The total pressure of limit (Pa) -3 6 10-1
The power of the motor (Kw) 0.37 0.55 1.1 2.2 3 5.5
Wen Sheng 40
Noise dB (A)LW 72 75 78 80 82 86
Enter the angry requirements (mm) 25 25 40 40 65 80
Rotational speed r/min 450 320 320 450 420
Use oil quantity L 0.7 0.7 2 2.8 2 4.2
Measurement Cm of appearance 46 28 35 55 34 41 79 43 54 79 53 54 78 50 56 91 65 70
55 43 44
Weight Kg 53 76 158 202 236 338
Cool water yield L/min >1 >2 The water pipe leads to 3/8 of foot-path “

E.It is explained that install
1 Install at pumps it is at ground it is firm place more durable,around leave by abundant leeway, Easy to check, safeguard, maintain.
2 Pump keep ground level under the base, base propose cushion shock attenuation rubber or cast installing with the bolt by quadrangle place, Guarantee that the pump turns round steadily, vibration is small.
3 Pump join pipeline should have been airtight and reliable, adopt metal join airtight cushions adopt and able to bear oil rubber by pipeline to little pumps with a systematic one, Adopt vacuum in charge of and join by glue, pipeline smaller than pump requirements of breathing in by pipe diameter to little pumps, And require pipeline short and few elbows . (Should be removed and weld dregs in the pipeline while welding the pipeline, forbid welding dregs to enter pump. )
4 In joining the pipeline, the user can install the valve and vacuum to count on the air inlet of pump , Can check the limiting pressure of the pump at any time.
5 It connects according to motor sign regulation and earth connection and install suitable the fuse boxes and hot relayses of specifications.
6 Pump set up an electric circuit running-in, it draws lower electrical machinery belts confirm that the pump turns to and accord with stipulating that the direction can come into operation , In case the pump overturns and gushes out the oil. ( turn to and point out the direction according to the protection casing )
7 For having pump of cooling water, put through the cooling water according to the regulation.
8 While installing the electromagnetism valve such as the pump mouth, the movement at the same time that valve and pump should .
9 When the pump is arranged and gives vent to anger the body and influence the working environment, install and meet pipeline guide at gas vent from installing and answer oil fog filter.
F.The operation instructions
1 Close the valve on the pump
2 The pump with cooling water is put through the cooling water .
3 Nearly regulations turn to a belt pulley of hand and count the circle , enter the oil in pump in the fuel tank, Guarantee that it is difficult to start to gush out the oil. (Very in winter, the oil is glued greatly, it is great to start load, So ask pay attention to).
4 Starting the motor, the pump is started and turns round, watch the window of the oil, Check the oil level. The oil level should mark the centre in the oil , the oil level is on the high side, will cause and gush out the oil; The oil level is on the low side, will cause and lubricate badly , the limiting pressure of the pump can not be reached out the factory index .
Refuel, set free oil see pump for details indicator by position. Turning on the valve on the pump slow, the system begins to work.
When working, oil hardly see oil by window, enter pump body pump, The oil level is subject to that the pump is while turning round.
5 To enter water should regard exceeding 30 as and pass in and out difference in temperature in order to shoulding exceed water 3 by temperature cooling water.
6 Put into and start to work in the pump after when environmental temperature is lower than 5 , should emits and heats the oil of pump to 15 – 30 .
7 Warm with warm to deduct environmental temperatures should exceed s , strengthen and ventilate and dispel the heat or increase cooling water flow oil pump.
8 Enter temperature higher than s when making the pump not to be warm and too high, must take measures to cool the gas by one.
9 When sucking the gas has influence to the oil of pump or the pump, should hold a suitable filtration device before the pump mouth.
10 Should turn on the angry town valve and work for half an hour when the pump is smoked except that when can contain the gas of congealing nature a small amount of , start the pump, Can lengthen the oil service time of pump .
11 Pump as pump, at the gas with small and roundish thing, dust, should be loaded with a suitable filter in front of the pump mouth.
12 It imprisons pump close the valves of pump with isolating systematically, then parked the pump first, Twist the urgent air town valve, in case the oil spill and then, close the cooling water at last. There is occasion frozen in winter should put the cooling water in the net pump , in case pump is frozen to crack.
The note: The limiting pressure of this series of pumps mean the pump and does not take over any containers , the pump reaches steady warmly, At person who compress vacuum count at pump mouth examine stability that get most low to divide into the pressure. The total pressure of limit is only for reference. General situation, the single pump turns round for half an hour and reach the limiting pressure .
G.Safeguard and maintain
1 Often check the oil level seat, must change to make it fulfil requirements when being not in accordance with regulation. That when the pump turns round, the oil level marks the centre to the oil serves as the standard.
2 Check oil quality situation often and find oil go bad and change new oils in time, guarantee it is normal for pump to work.
3 Whether can change the time limit of the oil according to the actual service condition and could satisfy the situations, such as performance request,etc. to consider , Decided as one sees fit by the user. General new pumpses, smoke except that at the clean dry gases, propose. After can’t see the ferrous metal powder in the oil, very proper extension will change the time limit of the oil afterwards.
4 Under the general situations, pump work one hour go on and overhaul, check Chinese catalpa glue airtight pieces of degree of wearing out, Check air bleeding valve fracture and clear up and precipitate by one. Washing the part in whole pump, for instance rotor, vortex sheet, spring,etc.. Generally wash with the petrol, and dry. Let’s dry the cloth with doing after pieces of washing of rubber.
Should handle with care and damage carefully while assembling to wash.
5 Clear up Guan Zhong equally conditionally, guarantee that the pipeline is unblocked.
6 It carries on test run after reassembling generally air transport must transfer one hour to and transfer to 2 of oil, Because will leave certain quantity and exchange the volatile matter in the pump while washing, after turning round normally, Put into the normal work again.
7 This series of pumps oil adopts SY 1634 – 70 1# vacuum oil of pump.
H.Often see the trouble and dispel the method

The trouble The reason of emerging Dispel the method
The vacuity is reduced 1 The system leaks gas
2 Oil quantity is insufficient
3 The pollution of oil of the pump is serious |
4 Slice fractures or come off in the air bleeding valve
5 The seat last time hole of the oil of the air bleeding valve stops up |
6 It is too high to pump gas temperature
7 The pump wears out with the part long
8 Airtight one of pump wears out
The leak hunting, benefit leak
Refuel and require to the regulation
Change the new oil
Change air bleeding valve slice
Dredge it back to the hole of the oil
The gas is cooled and dealt with
Change and wear and tear the part
Change airtight one
Gush out the oil 1 There is too much oil quantity
2 Block the oil box, block the oil board to come off
3 It is on the high side to suck and press it for a long time
Put the oil to require to the regulation
Change the pump of the great type
Oil spill 1 The oil is sealed and wears and tear
2 The airtight cushion of fuel tank is damaged
3 The stator, terminal surface O type are enclosed and wears out
4 Set free oil fill in and twist urgent by spiral shell or spacer damage
Change the oil to seal
Change the airtight cushion
Change O type to enclose
Twist closely or change the spacer
It is difficult to start 1 The oil is warm and on the low side
2 The electrical machinery lacks the looks
3 The belt is loosed partially
4 There are foreign matters in the pump
Start after the oil of pump is heated
Check the electrical machinery
Adjust the electrical machinery position
Check, take out foreign matters

I.The size of appearance
2X-2As, 4As, 8A appearance measurement pictures

Type A B C D E 4-
2X-2A 350 280 240 460 436 10
2X-4A 410 340 200 550 480 10
2X-8A 440 430 200 550 480 10

The size of the air inlet

Type A B C D E F
2X-8 430 384 260 104 215 274
2X-15 531 484 356 110 261 324

The characteristic curve