Becker vacuum Pump Vt4.4 Vt4.8 Vt4.10 Vt4.16 Vt4.25 Vt4.25 Vt4.40 Made in Germany China Becker Bump Vt Series

Becker Vaccum Pump

THE VT Series considerably less Dry Vacuum Pumps

VT Sequence
Rotary Vane Pump
Oil-significantly less Vacuum Industrial Vacuum Pump

  • 100% Oil-less operation
  • Quiet
  • Cool procedure
  • Long vane life
  • Inlet filters integrated
  • Discharge silencers
  • Immediate push
  • Vacuum regulators integrated
  • Nominal servicing

Design: VT 4.four VT four.eight VT four.10 VT 4.16 VT four.twenty five VT 4.twenty five VT 4.forty


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