Auger Drive 2

Hydraulic Auger Drives

NC-Collection Hydraulic Auger Drives
Compact planetary auger travel for light to reasonable drilling conditions. Mounts offered for skid steer loaders, mini skid steers and tractor front finish loaders. Stream ranges from 6-30 GPM and functioning pressures to 3500 PSI. Best for Farm and Ranch and occasional development reasons.

M-Collection Hydraulic Auger Drives
Planetary auger travel for reasonable to hefty obligation drilling conditions. Mounts accessible for skid steers, tractor front stop loaders, backhoes and excavators. Circulation ranges from ten-35 GPM and running pressures to 3500 PSI. No Case drain hoses needed. Ideal for light-weight Development, rental and large farm and ranch purposes.

H-Sequence Hydraulic Auger Drives
Large responsibility planetary auger drive for the hardest drilling problems. Mounts obtainable for skid steers, tractor front conclude loaders, backhoes and excavators. Flow ranges from 10-35 GPM and running pressures to 3500 PSI. No situation drains necessary. Perfect for gentle Construction, rental and large farm and ranch reasons. Market only bolt on output shaft attribute offered in 2” hex and 2.5” spherical.

HTLS-Series Hydraulic Auger Drives
Our most efficient planetary auger drives for the toughest conditions. Large torque models developed to perform utilizing the typical circulation of your capital equipment. Torque ranges from 6000-ten thousand ft. lbs of torque. Flow ranges from 6-30 GPM and up to 3500 PSI. Mounts available for skid steers, tractor entrance end loaders, backhoes and excavators. No case drain essential. Ideal for all drilling andsome screw anchor reasons.

Auger Drive 2

Custom made TOOLING
We have in excess of 30 a long time of expertise planning and providing custom auger tooling drilling programs about the planet. We welcome the possibility to help you with your following task requiring specific purposes or design. Belltec products are greater by design. Give us the possibility to aid you be more lucrative. Get in touch with and talk straight with our expert group.

Auger Drive 2


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