Anti -Vacuum Horizontal Magnetic Driven Centrifugal Pump Oil Pump

Made Feature :

It is new non leakage  magnetic driving oil pump base on  AY Collection oil pump remoulded and made ,
its structure, installation dimension and functionality parameters assortment suitable for AY variety oil pump of the common.

It divided into solitary-stage one suction, one stage double suction or multi-phase one suction pump, broadly used variety, primarily utilized in standard temperature, oil refining, petrochemical, meals, pharmaceutical, dyestuff, papermaking, environmental defense, metallurgy, electrical power and other industries, conveying not that contains sound particles, flammable, explosive, risky, toxic and suction pipe frequently vaporization, evacuation,  to achieve  zero leakage sealing instances than  mechancial seal  can”t attain up .

it  cancel the hollow shaft of the shortcomings of the standard magnetic pump, get the strong shaft, strengthen the toughness of a shaft, lowers because of to shaft deflection and the corresponding hazard uneven drive bearing, thereby rising the  used life of the pump.
Making use of the most advanced engineering plastic seal include, get rid of magnetic eddy brought on a collection of difficulties. For illustration: since of the sealing go over brings about fever, magnetic rotor demagnetization medium conveyed by the substantial temperature and make self polymer plugging the backflow hole and so on. The much more crucial is to enhance the effectiveness of magnetic pump, the pump performance is enhanced by three% ~ five%.
Refers to a specialised established of axial drive balance systems . it can make  the axial pressure of pump and equilibrium force  offset  each other in standard procedure procedure .
Employing a specific anti-vacuum technique, the pump cease immediately when no materials it is only synthetic re-start  pump when material  go back , to make sure the  pump saftly
To simplify the framework of the classic magnetic pump,  It make  pump  become   more hassle-free routine maintenance, effortless maintenance.
Model No  and Technologies Information

Business certification and honor:
ISO9001:2000, CE, BV, SGS
“Nationwide high-tech enterprise” , ” Well-known model of anhui province” , “Good quality administration prize of anhui province” and so on.

Company transient:

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1. Q: Are you a manufacturing facility or investing firm?

    A: We are a factory.  

two. Q: How long is the warranty ?

      A: Items warranty period of time is 1 yr below the common operation (besides wearable elements)

three. Q: What’re your payment term ? 

      A: T/T,Western Union,L/C and so on.

4. Q: How extended for the delivery day ?

     A: It requires 15 to thirty times.



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