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Manufacturer of: Vacuum pumps of spiral slice type, Rotary Piston vacuum pumps, Roots Vacuum pumps, Gas-Cooling Roots Vacuum pumps, Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, Water ring Vacuum Pumps, Reciprocating vacuum pumps and Vacuum valves and check values and other related vacuum products and system.

EP Vacuum Pumps & Air Compressors Co., .We have the strongest development ability of vacuum pumps and vacuum equipments technologic

Company has advanced design, Advanced equipment, the largest vacuum pumps test center in China, also has already established the strict Q/C system as per ISO9001 standard. There are total 25 major series of vacuum equipment, Our products are widely used in departments of metallurgical, building materials, petroleum, environmental, protein, chemical, medicine, textiles, food, aerospace, electronic, power, national defense industries and science research etc.

With strong technical capacity, advancing manufacture and testing equipment,we execute strictly of ISO9001 quality management system in our workshop, all our products had gotten CE certification, the oil-free series air compressors had passed the German authorities TUV Class 0 testing.Our professional team is keeping to carry out research and development on the compressor energy-saving technology, we had a lot of china domestic and worldwide patents.

Screw compressor manufacturer of high-end domestic is concentrate on internal water cooling and lubrication, and leading the worldwide within the exclusive high-pressure stage screw compressor, a conventional pressure is 4.0Mpa, now up to 10.0Mpa. Company produces the screw Air compressors with investor to save energy. Meanwhile, injected screw compressor volumetric efficiency ratio, high temperature, durable, energy-saving effect is obvious.

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