6V 12V 24V Electric DC Low Pressure Vacuum Diaphragm Aiir Pump

6V 12V 24V Electric DC Low Pressure Vacuum Diaphragm Aiir Pump

Micro Vacuum Pump/ Micro Air Pump/Brush DC Diaphragm Pressure Vacuum Pump/CZPT Air Pump

Solution Description:
CZPT micro diaphragm pumps and compressors are dependent on a simple principal, the round energy from the motor is converted into oscillating motion by an eccentric, which moves up and down its central position, this motion is then transferred to a diaphragm by means of a connecting rod, an elastic diaphragm, which in conjunction with an inlet and outlet valve generates a pumping motion.

CZPT functions:

1. Maximum Performance/Size Ratio
two. Performs Quieter
3. Lasts Reliably CZPT
four. Uncontaminated circulation
five. Minor vibration
6. Higher level of fuel tightness
7. Excessive chemical resistance
eight. Best answer for your software


Pump Theory Diaphragm pump
Motor Type BrushDCmotor
Ambient Temperature 41 to 158 F(5 to 70C)
Use Place Indoor
Media: Most Gases
Sound Course sort 1M 50dB /Max
Ideal Life Time 3000 Hrs
Functioning Method Steady or Interrupt
Inlet OD 4.8mm/ID 2.6mm
Outlet OD four.8mm/ID two.6mm
Hose recommendation: ID four.0mm
Dimension 80mm*31mm*58mm
Bodyweight 220 g
CZPT pump
head Nylon                                                
membrane EPDM / PTFE                              
valve EPDM / FPM
Functions Can dry-running, Self-priming


Model Strain Pump Vacuum Pump Rated Voltage No-load Present Max Strain Max Vacuum Max Flow
  (Item Quantity) (Product Quantity) (Vdc) (A) (KPa) (KPa) (L/min)
TM30A-A TM30A-A12-P12006   TM30A-A12-V7006      six /12 / 24 .4/.24/.fifteen 120 -70 six


Our Micro Diaphragm Pumps are available with a decision of four various generate motors.

A-  CZPTium responsibility brush DC motor
life span 3,000hours,longer endurance life time than other typical DC membrane pump

B-  CZPTal brush DC motor

C-  Coreless Brushless DC Motor  
A brushless electronically commutated dc motor (electronics integrated in motor), the motor operates vibration and spark free of charge, almost silently, is really dynamic and extremely durable, best daily life-time 15000 several hours

D-  Coreless Brushless DC motor with outer controller
With all positive aspects of coreless brushless DC motor, ideal daily life-time 15000 hours, and outer controller can recognize much more management functions of PWM or -5V speed adjustment, brake, ~ immediate beginning operate

H- Brushless DC Motor
Extended lifetime 10000hour

The versatility of CZPT pumps enables a wide discipline of applications to be protected. Over many a long time our pumps have proved them selves in the following areas:
one.CZPT strain and vacuum applications
2.Portable Analytical CZPTs
three.CZPT Diagnostic CZPT
four.Air CZPT Sampling Screens
five.Respiration Screens
6.Gasoline or Odor Leak Detectors


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6V 12V 24V Electric DC Low Pressure Vacuum Diaphragm Aiir Pump

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