5.5kw 7.5kw Water Cycle Vacuum Pump for 1325 Wood CNC Router Machine

one. Highpressure or lower pressure they can keep the situation of massive pumping pace and silent procedure.
2. Riple valve style to make sure the pump itself dynamic equilibrium, the reality proved no vibration in the pump is running.
3.even operate in some poor operating situations, will be also very tough, this is since amongst valve and pump chamber is stuffed with oil, and there is no speak to in between the metallic and metallic.
four.Equipped with constructive force lubrication method to make certain that can be dependable lubrication beneath any strain.




Pumping velocity

510 CFM 1 m3/h

 Motor Power 

five.5 KW

The cooling water

4 GPM /L/min


380V/50Hz 3P



The most atmospheric vector

18 CFM / m3/h

five% Torr/mbar gas ballast limit pressure

two. Torr / mbar

Extreme force

.013 Torr / mbar

The sounds





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