2xz Series of Direct Rotary Vacuum Pump

2xz Series of Direct Rotary Vacuum Pump

2XZ direct rotary vacuum pump is in dual-phase composition&comma the higher-force phase and low-stress phase&comma and its inlet is connected with the vacuum tools&comma the pump complex parameters&colon 6×10-2 pump is linked with motor spindle&comma with a higher rotation velocity&comma in compact framework&comma and it is suited for laboratory&comma pharmacy&comma foods packaging&comma electronics&comma electric powered lights&time period

2XZ series of direct rotary vacuum pump is composed of black steel and AL alloy&comma and the vacuum pump will be soaked in oil in perform&interval

2XZ series of immediate rotary vacuum pump&comma and it is suited for refrigeration&comma medicines&comma printing&comma laboratory&comma pharmacy&comma foods packaging&comma semi-conductors&comma electronics&comma electric powered lights&period
2XZ collection of direct rotary vacuum pump – specialized parameters&colon

  2XZ-&period5 2XZ-1 2XZ-two 2XZ-4 2XZ-8 2XZ-fifteen
Draw fee &lparL&solS&rpar &period5 1 2 four eight 15
Restrict pressure≤&lparPa&rpar 6&period0×10-two six&period0×10-two 6&period0×10-2 six&period0×10-two six&period0×10-two six&period0×10-2
rotation velocity &lparrpm&rpar 1440 1440 1440 1440 1410 1420
Motor electricity &lparkw&rpar &period18 &period25 &period37 &period55 1&period1 two&period2
Inlet diameter &lparmm&rpar 16 16 25 25 40 forty


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