2X Dual-Stage Rotary Series Vacuum Pump

2X dual-stage rotary collection vacuum pump&comma is in twin-phase structure&comma the substantial-strain phase and reduced-strain phase&comma and its inlet is linked with the vacuum tools&interval The pump complex parameters&colon 6×10-2pa&period of time As needed by customers&comma a vacuum booster pump can be included&comma and just take this pump as the pre-phase pump&comma to increase the pump draw power&comma and you will acquire the increased vacuum degree when you use this pump for gasoline withdrawal&period of time The pump is ideal for metallurgy&comma chemical&comma optical electrical power offer vacuum&period of time
2X twin-phase rotary sequence vacuum pump&colon
l&period 2X dual-phase rotary sequence vacuum pump is a standard products&comma and it is commonly employed in digital components and appliances manufacture&comma vacuum drying&comma filtering&comma soaking&comma welding&period
2&time period 2X dual-phase rotary sequence vacuum pump&comma operate in temperature 5ºC~40ºC&period of time
three&interval 2X twin-phase rotary collection vacuum pump inlet ongoing time shall not exceed 3min&time period

Specialized parameters&colon

2X-two 2X-4A 2X-8A 2X-8 2X-15A 2X-15 2X-thirty 2X-70
two 4 8 fifteen 30 70
Restrict vacuum Pa&lparTorr&rpar 6×10-two&lpar≤5×10-4&rpar110
6×10-one&lpar5×10-three&rpar &lpar≤1×10&rpar
Motor electricity &lparKW&rpar &period37 &period55 one&period1 one&period5 3 five&period5
Temperature rise &lparºC&rpar ≤40
Inlet diameter &lparmm&rpar 18 25 40 forty 65 eighty
rotation velocity &lparr&solmin&rpar 450 590 420
Oil capability &lparL&rpar &period7 one&period0 two&period0 2&period8 three&period0 4&period2
sound dB&lparA&rpar sixty eight ≤68 ≤70 ≤75 ≤78&lpar~70&rpar ≤80&lpar~75&rpar
Proportions &lparcm&rpar 56×31×39 56×34×37 79×43×54 79×53×54 78×50×56 91×65×70
Weight &lparkg&rpar 58 fifty five 80 110 232 330
Cooling manner Natural cooling Drinking water cooling Organic cooling Drinking water cooling
Cooling h2o &lparL&solmin&rpar >0&period5 >0&period8 >1 >2


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