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2BV series drinking water ring vacuum pumps 

2BV sequence water ring vacuum pump is suited for removing gas and drinking water vapor. When the suction pressure of the vacuum pump is reduce than eighty mbar for a long time, the cavitation safety pipe shall be connected to defend the pump. If the suction pressure of the air ejector can attain ten mbar, the ejector can be straight installed on the vacuum pump. When it is utilized as a compressor, the greatest pressure is .26 MPa. H2o ring vacuum pump and compressor are widely employed in petrochemical business, pharmaceutical market, food sector, production market and other fields. In the method, the compression method of gasoline is isothermal, so when compression and suction of flammable and explosive gasoline, it is not simple to arise threat, and its application is much more substantial. 
The drinking water ring vacuum pumps and the compressors are extensively utilized in petrochemical, pharmacy, meals, sugar sector, etc. During the operation, the gas is compressed isothermally, as a result, there isn’t going to exist any threat in the procedure of compressing and aspirating the flammable and explosive gas. As a result it can be employed a lot more broadly.

2.Construction and characteristics:
(1)Coaxial direct link design and style of pump saves room, straightforward to install 
(two)Adopt mechanical seal as regular configuration, eradicate leakage, effortless maintenance 
(three)Well balanced operation, with sound as minimal as sixty two DB 
(four)Unified corrosion-resistant design and style, bronze impeller increases the corrosion of the pump, and stainless steel material is more appropriate for a lot more demanding applications 
(5)The unique design of adaptable exhaust port will not make more than compression, which ensures much better performance inside of the performance selection of 2BV

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