2BV Series Explosion-Proof Water Ring Vacuum Pump

one. The pump is coaxial and right related to conserve space and is effortless to put in.

two, the use of mechanical seals as a common configuration, eliminating leakage, easy routine maintenance.

3, managing easily, sound can be as low as sixty two decibels

four, unified corrosion-resistant style, bronze impeller increases the corrosion resistance of the pump, stainless steel material is more suitable for far more demanding apps

five, special flexible exhaust port design and style, will not generate in excess of-compression, making sure that SKA is efficient in its functionality assortment

2BV Sequence H2o Ring Vacuum Pump Overview

      The SKA (2BV) series vacuum pump is ideal for pumping out fuel and water vapor. The suction strain reaches 33 mbar complete strain (ninety seven% vacuum). When the vacuum pump is operating for a extended time underneath the state of suction stress under 80 mbar, it should be related with cavitation defense. The tube protects the pump. For instance, with an atmospheric ejector, the suction strain can achieve 10 mbar. The ejector can be immediately set up on the vacuum pump. When used as a compressor, the stress is as big as .26 MPa (absolute force). H2o ring vacuum pumps and compressors are widely utilized in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, foods, sugar business and other fields. Since the gas compression procedure is isothermal for the duration of operation, when compressing and pumping flammable and explosive gases, It is not effortless to be hazardous and its software is a lot more comprehensive.

2BV collection h2o ring vacuum pump framework and qualities

△ machine pump coaxial direct link design and style, saving room and straightforward to set up.

△ Mechanical seal is used as a regular configuration to get rid of leakage and straightforward upkeep.

△ Sleek operation, noise can be as lower as sixty two decibels

△Uniform corrosion-resistant design, bronze impeller increases the corrosion resistance of the pump, stainless metal is a lot more appropriate for a lot more demanding programs

△ Exclusive flexible vent design and style, no more than-compression, making sure that SKA is effective in its overall performance range.

2BV sequence water ring vacuum pump equipment installation

1. Installation of the pump: When setting up the vacuum pump and compressor, the mounting surface area have to be horizontal and securely bolted via the hole in the bottom corner. In purchase to avert the welding slag from moving into the vacuum pump in the course of installation, it should be inhaled throughout installation.

2. Installation of h2o separator

The gasoline drinking water separator can be immediately set up on the exhaust port of the vacuum pump and set by bolts. The gasoline-drinking water separator has a pipeline connected to the pump, thus supplying the sum of drinking water needed for the pump to work, and the remaining doing work drinking water is equipped by the h2o supply pipe, and the quantity of the drinking water source is controlled by the valve on the pipeline. The vacuum pump, or the intake pipe of the compressor, must be equipped with a check out valve to avert the drinking water in the vacuum pump or compressor from returning to the program beneath the strain of the exhaust pipe when stopping.

2BV h2o ring vacuum pump starting and halting

Just before the lengthy-expression parking commences, the fan impeller should be turned to validate regardless of whether the 2BV-kind drinking water ring vacuum pump is caught.

The following sequence of 2BV h2o ring vacuum pump starting up technologies:

1. Near the inlet valve

2. Open up the exhaust valve

three. Inject a tiny sum of h2o into the pump, taking the h2o intake in the complex indicator desk as a reference

4. Commence the motor

five. Open up the air inlet valve

six. Adjust the water offer so that a tiny amount of drinking water is consumed to ensure the technological specs of the pump.

The parking sequence of the 2BV drinking water ring vacuum pump is in the pursuing get:

one. Close the inlet valve

2, flip off the motor, and quit the water source

three. Release the remaining h2o in the pump entire body.

2BV series water ring vacuum pump servicing

1. In order to avoid put on of the impeller, the pump physique or the card main impeller, the dust particles entering the pump chamber with the gas and the doing work fluid can be washed away by way of the flushing port of the reduce part of the pump.

two. If you use tough water operating fluid, you must clear the pump with gentle water or with a solution in a certain period of time of time.

three. The regular working bearing of the motor is 15°C~20°C larger than the ambient temperature, and the top is not authorized to exceed 55°C~60°C. The regular operating bearing ought to be loaded with oil one-two occasions a calendar year, at the very least as soon as a calendar year, and the lubricating oil will be cleaned. Change all.

4, the mechanical seal utilized, leakage phenomenon, should check out the movement of the mechanical seal, whether the static ring has been damaged, or the seal has been ageing, if the above circumstance, you need to change the new parts.

  (m3/min) (MPa) (kw) (r.p.m) (L/min) (A) (kg)
2BV2060 .forty five .097 .eighty one 2880 2 62 37
2BV2061 .86 .097 1.45 2880 2 sixty five 41
2BV2070 one.33 .097 two.35 2850 2.5 66 66
2BV2071 1.83 .097 3.eighty five 2860 4.two seventy two eighty five
2BV5110 2.75 .097 four 1450 6.seven sixty three a hundred and twenty
2BV5111 three.83 .097 five.5 1450 eight.3 sixty eight 150
2BV5121 4.sixty six .097 7.5 1450 10 sixty nine 210
2BV5131 6.sixty six .097 eleven 1430 fifteen seventy three 280
2BV5161 eight.33 .097 fifteen 970 twenty seventy four 390


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