2be1 Series Water Ring Vacuum Pump 22500 M3 H

2be1 Series Water Ring Vacuum Pump 22500 M3 H

CZPT Title:  2BE1 H2o Ring Vacuum Pump


two BE1 collection items have inspiratory capacity of 22500 m3/h, the minimal suction stress to 33 mbara. Used as a compressor, the outlet strain can be .35 MpaA.
Considering that there is only one particular switch (wheel), and there is no immediate friction between the metallic, elmo flat disc kind layout effectively steer clear of the put on and tear, even after several a long time of steady procedure.


2 BE1 series models comprehensive, the inspiratory capacity can achieve 22500 m3/h. In addition, you can select the best exhaust vent or level exhaust, in buy to facilitate the installation.
2 BE1 collection can decide on a selection of materials, including a assortment of stainless steel, and stainless metal or polyisoprene rubber (NR) lining.

PS: The Photograph only for reference, in depth model refer to the actual piece pls.



Commonly used in papermaking, chemical, petrochemical, gentle sector, pharmaceutical, foods, building components, electrical appliances, coal washing and  mineral dressing industry, fertilizer, and many others. 

In the coal sector, it can especially pump highly flammable and explosive gas, these kinds of as mash gasoline, methane, can design and style installation of ground gas drainage station, can type a total set of cellular gas drainage system.


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The scope of source of the pump can have a assortment of alternatives, such as:

  pump head

  the complete pump, which includes the suction pipe, pipe fittings and h2o separator, liquid road.

  vacuum pump unit, like the motor and the foundation.

  complete established, such as all the auxiliary products for the shut-loop system.

  inlet strain reduced than that of 33 mbar (pabs) CZPTary, or multistage vacuum system


2be1 Series Water Ring Vacuum Pump 22500 M3 H

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