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2BEseries Water Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors are used for sucking air other uncorrosive insoluble gasses which do not contain solid materials ,to obtain higher vacuum and pressure in the sealed vessels.They are effective in the base of many years science result and work experiences,combines the international advance technics.Through changing stucture materials,also suching corrosive gasses or liquid for work liquid.They are widely used in the paper,chemical,petrochemical,pharmaeutical,food,and metallurgical industries.
   This series choosr single stage and single effect structure form.It is chacterized by their simple form,comvenient repairment,and reliable movement and energy conservator.They and fall in load condition,such as large displacement,rise and fall in load impact.
  We about important accessories,Such as allocation board,impeller and pump shaft bearing,carry out system opimpze design,Used solder impeller,wheel-leaf once punch to finished product,Reasonable model-line,all wheel hub to process,movement balance problem solved from ultimate.Impeller and pump shaft bearing used hot pacdage to go with to exceed full,trustworthy function,sready transport,after impeller solder,whole works,had fine heat treatment,wheel-leaf having fine tenacity.Resist impact and transfigure ability ensure from ultimate of the wheel-leaf,rise and fall in load impact.
   2BE series water pumps with air and water spprator,many places to have vent,the pumps cover to have exhaust ��#118alue repair windows,impeller and allocation board crevice through locate shaft bearing both side pumps cover adjust.It's easy to use and install,reliable operation and easy maintenance.
   Vacuum pump of my factory through Quality Center strict teat before turn out from factory,the beat function,and durable to use.