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-20 Degree Small Boiler Circulating Water Vacuum Pump

-20 Degree Small Boiler Circulating Water Vacuum Pump

-20 diploma Little Boiler Circulating Drinking water Vacuum Pump
Design&colon MCL-DL Sequence

Primary Attributes of the boiler circulating pump&colon
This sequence of cooling water circulating pump the latest global sophisticated CFC-totally free refrigeration method&interval The refrigeration system managed by a microprocessor can automatically open&periodAnd it is equipped with a several-safety unit with the function of time-extending above heating and more than present&periodSo it provides influence to the provision of reduced-temperature water bathtub&periodThe items is composed of two accessories&colon 1 is the big-adhere to&commahigh-force circulation pump&comma one more is the somewhat machined-planner and humanized operational panel with a higher-strain-resisting&commahigh-temperature-resisting and higher-power plastic area palte&period The panel can conveniently put beneath an experimental desk without using up considerably place&period of time It is utilized in rotary evaporators&comma vacuum-freezing-drying oven&comma h2o circulating pumps&comma UV spectrophotometer&comma magnetic stirrer for cycle-frigerating so as to have out multi-purposeful minimal-temperature chemical response&comma biological response and drug reactions&period

When forming a total established with of 2L~50L rotary evaporator&commait can change the operate of a managing-water condenser&commaespecially suited for he interval of time when lower-boiling or heat-delicate components in the process of evaprotation are in need to have of h2o for condensing&interval In substantial temperature or drinking water-scarce locations&comma DL collection of items can attain water-conserving result and make certain the temperature of the cooled instruments on the fast unit&time period

Microcomputer dependent on intelligent control technique&comma regrigerating by fully-closed compressor&interval Microprocessor can be established to ~a hundred hrs timer shutdown&semi

Temperature selection &pm50ºC&comma electronic screen accuracy &pm0&period1ºC&commathe personal computer can amend the deviation of the temperature measurements&period

Dual-window&comma red&comma inexperienced&comma two colors&comma LED screen temperature configurations and temperature measurements&comma can also choose massive-display screen Liquid crystal display exhibit&period

With computer software lock purpose&semi

All functions carried out on the contact software program&comma straightforward to run&time period

With the support of circulating pump&comma the CZPT constant temperature area outside the house the bathtub by signifies of pumping the chilly liquids out&period

Model Least
Volume CZPT
DL-1005 -ten 5 one hundred eighty &pm0&period5
DL-1505 -15 five 250 &pm0&period5
DL-2005 -twenty 5 350 &pm0&period5
DL-3005 -thirty 5 480 &pm0&period5
DL-4005 -40 5 680 &pm0&period5
DL-1510 -15 10 300 &pm0&period5
DL-3571 -thirty ten 600 &pm0&period3
DL&sol1015 -ten fifteen 800 &pm0&period3
DL&sol1571 -ten 20 a thousand &pm0&period5
DL&sol2571 -twenty twenty 1300 &pm0&period5
DL&sol3571 -30 20 2200 &pm0&period5
DL&sol4571 -forty 20 2900 &pm0&period5
DL&sol4030 -40 30 3500 &pm0&period5

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-20 Degree Small Boiler Circulating Water Vacuum Pump