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12 Brilliant uses of Air Blower

An Air Blower is a simple and effective electrical device created for things like blowing leaves, blowing away dust right for every nook and corner of your house or establishment. With their continuous air pressure, undoubtedly they are amazing at clearing up the ever mounting pile of crunchy, orange autumn leaves in our driveways and gardens. These machines require minimum effort and save a good amount of time consumed for cleaning and dusting chores at home.

The air blower can be one of the most handy tools for cleaning up your lawn and other outdoor areas. However, many people see even the best air blowers as somewhat one-dimensional, which the air blowers are obviously not. Clearly, these machines are great for getting rid of leaves and other debris from the yard, however many people fear investing in electric or battery powered air blowers because they are concerned that they will just sit in the shed or garage for the rest of the year. Air blowers can clear any trash or debris into a tidy bundle, making tedious sweeping a thing of the past.

However did you know that your air blower can help you out with an entire load of other chores in and around the home and garden? Today we are going to look at in this post some surprisingly innovative ways to use your incredibly versatile air blower when there are no leaves. This includes cleaning gutters, shovelling snow, washing your car from the outside and the inside, unclogging your dryer vent, and running wire. So that you can take advantage of this handy device.

 1.Spot-Free Car Washing

Whether you go to a self-service car wash or jet wash your car down at home, blow-dry it after rinsing and your car will be spot-free. Letting water to dry on your car after a car wash can leave a spotty appearance, and it can also attract more dirt. Generally, all drive through car washes use massive blowers to dry your car after they have cleaned it. This is a smart idea to avoid spots caused by natural air drying. Wouldn’t it be great to recreate this experience at home? Just blow a breeze on your car after you give it a wash. Work your way down, starting at the roof. As a side note, if you use auto-wash soap or other household cleaners, you will get better results than with dishwashing soaps. To ensure your car is completely dry, make sure you get into all the dark crevices of the car. A thing to keep in mind is that you might get wet, so don’t wear your best clothes.

 2.Rain Gutter Cleaning

It is important to remember that dirty gutters can cause major problems because the water that falls has nowhere to go. Gutters are outright impossible to clean manually. This can lead to flooding and property damage. Furthermore, during the winter months, rain water can accumulate and form icicles that could cause your gutters to break. An air blower makes for an easy and effective way to clean your property’s gutters, without the need to get your hands dirty. There are also some air blowers that come with specially designed gutter cleaning kit. Using your air blower, you can clean your gutters incredibly fast and easily. Cleaning your gutters will keep them healthy. To make the job much easier to clean them out with your air blower every 3 months or seasonally.

3.Doubles up as a Snow Blower in Winter

Most people put their air blowers away after autumn. It can be so worthwhile, however, to keep your air blower handy during cold winter days, as they can be very useful. Try using your air blower for snow blowing. Whilst they are not as a heavy duty as snow blowers; still, most air blowers will not have an issue with light, powdery shallow snow, or snow and ice on cars and roofs. This trick is particularly useful for blowing snow off your car’s top. It doesn’t take long at all, but you can actually be charged with a driving offence if you fail to properly remove the build-up of snow from your vehicle before you take to the road. In addition to saving you back pain and strain, it can also reduce snow shovelling time.

4. Cleaning the Vacuum Filters

Air blowers cab used to hold shop vacuum filters at arm’s length and blow them out with the air hose nozzle—ideally when there was a breeze so the dust would blow downwind of you. But you will still end up covered in dust every time you do it. Just blow out the filter by holding it down with a foot and blow it out with the air blower. You will stay a lot cleaner with this method.

5.Running or threading wire through pipe

It is not a traditional use for an air blower, but if you ever need to run a wire through a long conduit, it could be easier with a corded blower. You can easily tie a weight (like a piece of sponge) and then use your air blower to blow the wire through the conduit to the other end. This will save a great deal of time and frustration when threading wire through long lengths of pipe.

6.Clean your lawn mower — grass-free mower deck

It’s certain that after mowing the lawn, your lawn mower will be clogged up with grass shavings. In your lawnmower, you’ll find that a lot of cut grass and other material can build up over time. The accumulated grass cutting gets under the pulleys and wrapped around the drive shafts. Instead of reaching under the machine to clean it out by hand, why not blow the grass cuttings off the bottom of your lawn mower with an air bower. After that, you can use a hose to spotlessly clean the lawn mower. For that finishing touch, use your air blower to dry off the lawn mower to leave it good as new.

7.Clear Pathways

If you just plant some gorgeous flower arrangements in your garden, you will most likely come across some dirt on the paths. Save time and energy by blowing the path of loose soils and dirt. You can also blow excess grass cuttings off the walkway if you just mowed the lawn, rather than taking the time to brush everything off.

8.Clean out your car

Blow your car with your air blower to get dirt and debris out of the tightest of corners. Open all the doors and be sure to get under seats and into dusty areas with your air blower to quickly and effectively remove dust and dirt. You can also blow off dust and crumbs from kid’s car seats and blast dirt out of the boot.

9.Soffit Blasting.

While you’re blasting your soffits to get rid of cobwebs, make sure you do one more thing. Make sure you blow out all the dust from the perforations in your aluminium soffits or rectangular screens if you have plywood soffits diligently. Dust can block some airflow to your attic, and this airflow is crucial in summer to keep the attic cool and for winter to prevent ice dams.

10.Electric Fire Bellows

Need to get that fire started in a hurry? Give it a massive shot of oxygen. Just be careful not to melt the plastic nozzle—and wear safety glasses.

11.Chasing Out Rodents 

It is definitely not advisable to use an air blower on your pet. That said, you might not care about their safety anyway if your lawn becomes infested with mice, moles, hamsters, etc. The humane way to eliminate them is with poison, but in reality, edible plants taste much better than poison, and you’ll have to get them to eat your entire yard before they’ll ever eat your trap. We do not condone such behaviour, but sometimes it’s easier just to locate their burrow, point the nozzle at the opening, and be done with it.

12.Maintaining Your Astroturf or Artificial Grass

To ensure your artificial lawn doesn’t get damaged, it’s very important to keep it clean. Always remove debris, weed and leaves immediately. So if you use an air blower, you can get it done quickly and efficiently. Make sure to pay attention to the infill which is the material, usually sand, that keeps the turf upright, allows the fibre to rebound up from the soil when stepped on, insulates the turf from the sun, and prevents the foundation from sinking. If your artificial lawn has an infill, it is important to use your blower at a low power setting and to not vacuum the grass so it does not pick up some infill and ruin your fake grass lawn.

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